Our values are the guiding principles that define the behavior and action of Unite Church. They help to develop a clearer sense of purpose as well as help define what is most important.


We believe that relationships can help us navigate life, therefore we will stay connected to one another in genuine community. We support each other through the good, bad, and downright ugly parts of life.


We believe that focus keeps us centered on our mission and strategy, and directs our attention, passion, and activity towards uniting people with God and connecting them with others.


We believe that everything we have comes from the Lord and that generosity can change lives, both ours and others. We want to live in a way that creates space/room/habits for us to share our time, talents, and treasures.


We believe that Heaven, like our city, will represent the beauty of the diversity God created. We seek to value and celebrate the unique diversity of each individual.


We believe that courage is an outward display of our faith, so we choose strength in the face of fear, pain, grief, and anything unexpected. We will boldly risk it all to reach those who are disconnected from God.